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E-Liquid Wholesale - Bring life to your shelves

Prime Vaping does indeed accept wholesale accounts for Prime Vaping’s precision hand crafted premium E-Liquids.

Get it how you want it, down to the last drop. All of Prime Vaping E-Liquids are hand crafted when orders come in, same goes for all wholesale orders.

When you place a wholesale order with us each and every bottle is hand made with sterile and precise measuring tools to ensure you and your customers are getting a consistent and clean bottle of E-Liquid every time.


If you’re interested in carrying some of the highest quality premium hand crafted E-Liquids on the market, please fill out the contact form below, please be as accurate as possible. The information you submit will determine your wholesale account acceptance.
The information you provide us will be kept confidential for your protection.

Our reasoning for the questions on the form is simply so we can identify you as a legitimate company. After your form has been submitted to us, we will then verify your established business. If everything goes well you will then be emailed Prime Vaping’s wholesale policy.
We advice you thoroughly read through our Wholesale Policy before placing a wholesale order with us. We at Prime Vaping, when it comes to Wholesale Accounts, like to keep things fair between our already established Wholesale Accounts ensuring that Prime Vaping retailers are a minimum of 20 miles apart from each other.


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