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Mango YogurtMango Yogurt
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Mango Yogurt

True to taste. The perfect combination of sweet Mango blended together with a rich and creamy Vanilla Yogurt. Mango fan? Yogurt fan? This is for you!


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Default PG / VG ratio for E-Liquids is 70% PG / 30% VG (typically Tobacco Flavors) and for Gourmet Flavors, Fruit Flavors and Candy Flavors we recommend a 50/50 ratio base. However, we give you 4 different PG/VG options to choose from.
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Not sure what bottle size you'd like to order? Scroll down to see our collection of bottles for you to select from. All of Prime Vaping e-liquid bottles are thoroughly cleaned and sterilized before use.

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All E-Liquid sales are final, nonreturnable and nonexchangable due to sterilization purposes.

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All of our e-liquid ingredients are top-notch and have been perfected over the years to bring you the markets best quality, tasty and awesome performing e-liquids.

All PG and VG in Prime Vaping E-Liquids are USP Grade quality. We make sure you get a quality clean e-liquid every time.
Want to know more about Prime Vaping E-Liquids? Visit our E-Liquid Information page.

Listed are the ingredients used in the making of this bottle of Prime Vaping E-Liquid

 pharmaceutical grade nicotine - unless otherwise specified

 usp grade propylene glycol & usp grade vegetable glycerin

 natural & artificial flavoring

Steeping E-Liquids is quite simple. We recommend all Prime Vaping E-Liquids steep, however, it is not a necessary process. All Prime Vaping E-Liquids are made fresh, bottle by bottle per your specifications.

Why should I steep my E-Liquids?

Steeping is a very simple, but effect process that helps give Prime Vaping E-Liquids an extra kick, so to speak. Steeping helps strengthen the flavor, may promote other flavor nuances and will change the color of the overall bottle of e-liquid, this is normal.
Make sure you place your bottle of Prime Vaping E-Liquid out of reach from children and pets.
Listed below are tiles of information to help you steep your bottle of Prime Vaping e-liquid the right way.
Dark Environment
Room Temperature
Steep Duration
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Absolutly love the this flavor. Very smooth and sweet.
Extra care and time shows in this mango yogurt as its
perfect on the palate. Just the right amount of vanilla
on the exhale makes this my all day vape! Keep em coming guys.